Effective Date: 28 October 2022
The mentioned below agreement will equip you with the information regarding your rights and remedies in case of legal issues.


By getting register with us or using the service provided by us, the customers permits or give their consent to the following conditions that:

1: The services we offer is strictly and solely for the eighteen or older users. If you are below the required age and are using our services, have access to or get the registration, then it is a sheer violation of this agreement and is thus unauthorized. By accepting this agreement, you agree that you are of 18 years or older.
  • 2: If a customer involves any third party or hires the service on behalf of the third party, then he or she agrees to the term that the third party remains bind to the terms of the agreement. Furthermore, you have to play your part on behalf of another party where and when is required.

  • 3: We are not at all responsible for the loss of your account information as it is the sole responsibility of the users to ensure the safety of the account password and other private information. By agreeing to this agreement, you give us your consent that only you will be responsible for all kind of activities and utilization of account options. In case of any damage or the theft or loss of your identity, we will not be responsible at all.

  • 4: This agreement binds the customers to provide latest, active, complete and accurate information while registering on our site. You can update your personal information whenever you want by using the customer support and billing options. If the company found any piece of the information supplied by you as incorrect or incomplete, then it reserves the right to cancel your registration immediately.

  • 5: If you choose to use a credit card for the payment purpose, then we would demand the scanning of your credit card for the sake of verification. However, here we would like to make it clear that if you fail at any stage of the verification process, this will lead to the cancellation of your account.

  • At any point in time we reserve the right to ask for the documents supporting the information that you provided in your account registration form. A failure to provide the required documents or any discrepancies found in the provided ones may directly lead towards suspension of the account and all the services allowed to the customer. We hold the right to demand for all related documents for the verification purpose at any point in time.

    PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES ON NVME-SERVERS.COM SERVERS: will certainly proceed immediately suspension/termination (without notification) if among the following (including however not limited) services or activities discovered on the all cpanel servers:

  • 1: IRC servers
  • 2: iMarcos, AutoSurf, Traffic Exchange, Automated Browsing HitLeap, Crawlers etc.
  • 3: Illegal Downloads/Uploads, /Pirated Content / Warez /
  • 4: Bruteforce Programs/Port Scanning /IP Scanners
  • 5: Email Spamming of any type
  • 6: Investment Sites (E-Gold Exchange,HYIP, FOREX, Linden Exchange, Second Life/ Pyramid Scheme/ Ponzi, MLM)
  • 7: Gambling Sites/ Lottery
  • 8: MUDs / RPGs / PBBGs
  • 9: Sites promoting hacking activities
  • 10: Bank Debenture Trading Programs/ Bank Debentures
  • 11: Replica Sites/ Fraudulent / Phishing
  • 11: Null Scripts/ Cracking
  • 12: Public Proxies / TOR Exit/ Public VPNs/ Anonymizers
  • 13: TeamSpeak / Mumble
  • 14: Virtual Currency Mining (including but not limited to bitcoin)
  • 15: DDoS-prone applications or booters / flood scripts / IP spoofing
  • 16: Open DNS resolvers / recursors
  • 17: illegal software key generators /Cracking tools
  • 18: Public Game Servers
  • 19: File Hosting Services
  • 20: Cardsharing (CCCam or equivalent)
  • 21: P2P Or File-Sharing Networks
  • 22: Adult Content Hosting, Storing And Display

  • Direct Termination Without Notice

  • 23: Replica Sites/ Fraudulent / Phishing
  • 24: IRC Hosts
  • 25: Adult Materials/ Illegal Material/ Embedding Or Uploading Audio/Video/High Resolution Images
  • 26: Games Phishing

  • Usage Policy:

  • 1: We Offer Unlimited Bandwidth with All Hosting & Reseller Plans.UNLIMITED Means we didn’t limited anything for your initial usage but you are about the consider upgrading as per your business/website needs incase of heavy usage.In Any Shared/Reseller Hosting Plans if any domain/account using morethan 15 GB Per day Bandwidth you should be consider Upgrading such websites to VPS/Dedicated Servers.Shared Environments (Shared/Reseller hosting) are only for Initial/Average level of websites.

  • 2: What "Unlimited" means Unlimited Disk Space/Bandwidth/Website Plans. This means that we do not set a limit on the amount of bandwidth, websites or disk space you may use in the normal operation of a personal or small business website, provided it complies with this Agreement. However, in the event your service usage or content presents a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, data storage, networking or other infrastructure, you may be required to upgrade to a VPS, or we may take action to restrict the resources your website is utilizing.

  • Reseller Terms and Client Responsibility:

  • 1: You/Your Clients should use the Hosting packages you are selling from our services should obey our Terms of Service and other policies.If any Violation of Policies we had rights suspend/terminate such accounts from our servers inorder to protect our Servers/Network from Overloading/Malwares/Abuses cases.Its your Responsibility to inform about the Policies on your Websites/Brand Page

  • 2: Using a shared hosting account to resell web hosting to others is not allowed. Reseller hosting plans to be considered if you want to become our reseller.

  • 3: As an Reseller You are responsible for your Reseller account activities,datas and How they are using the hosting. Its your Responsibility to have an eye on your client accounts to avoid Malwares/Abuses

  • 4: Resellers must assure that each of its clients, follow this Agreement.

  • 5: Resellers are completely responsible for supporting their clients including customer service, billing and technical support. We are not liable to provide support to Reseller Users. Any assistance needed for the client's issue must be reported by the reseller on the user's behalf

  • 6: Resellers are solely responsible for any content that is stored or transferred under their reseller account and the actions of their Users. We may hold any reseller responsible for any activity from their client's account that violates the law or our Agreement.

  • 7: The Company shall not be kept liable for the acts or omissions of our resellers. The reseller hereby promises to indemnify the Company to and against any and all claims brought by any Customer resulting from the actions or omissions of the reseller.

  • 8: The Company retains the right to review our Reseller plan anytime necessary. Changes shall take place as posted publicly or at any later date as the Company can designate


  • Due to certain security reasons the company choose to keep the SSH disable by default.

    If you are in need of SSH, then you have to contact the technical support team and also have to give a viable reason as for why you want that service. The company possesses the right to refuse any customer request for SSH at any time. The most probable reasons would be the availability of other methods to achieve the desired target or if there is an involvement of risk in it. To avail this service, the company will provide the customers with a static IP and then he/she can utilize the SSH service through that IP only.

    After the completion of all the terms regarding the usage of SSH, the customer will be awarded the jail access. If the company found the user to be involved in any misuse of the service, the company possesses the right to terminate the access. If the client attempt to use any tool to circumvent this condition it will cause the immediate termination of the customer account.


  • In the event of spamming and any fraudulent emails sent by the client hosting service, a company will inform the customer through an e-mail and then block the e-mail services of the client with immediate action. The customer may call for the unblocking of the email service once he solves the spamming issue.

    If the client found again being involved in spamming, then the company will again block the email service for a relatively long period.

    The company will practice the blocking service thrice on the receiving of spamming issues and after that, it reserves the right to refuse any further request of unblocking from the client.